It is possible without the minimum fixed rate limit
Even if I go to work, my salary does not change muchYeah, well, the prices are up now.I feel really frustrated.The house prices have risen so much that I can tell youI'm both envious and lamented when I hear itI've got a lot of complex ideas. The price of the previous month is also rising […]

Even if I go to work, my salary does not change much
Yeah, well, the prices are up now.
I feel really frustrated.
The house prices have risen so much that I can tell you
I'm both envious and lamented when I hear it
I've got a lot of complex ideas.

The price of the previous month is also rising the same as the sale.
It's a very close day.
What do you do when you get paid?
You have to spend more than half your monthly rent.
It's hard to get a charter.
So I'm going to have my own house.
The amount went up too much because of the balloon effect.

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to
Once I think about it, the market was pretty good
I was told, you used a lot of money
I'm not gonna let a long-term payout
There were times when he was better.
So when you trade, you can put a lease
the house value is stabilized to some extent after receiving tenant
The market itself has been smooth
Now, it's like the ecosystem's been destroyed.
It's a shame that there are a lot of things.

Turning it to rent would increase the price
Even if you had to make a hard sale
I can't get a contract, and the amount is going to be similar
It's not real and there's a lot of shortage.
That's why the lives of ordinary people have become harder.

The reality is that I'm interested in officetel mortgage loans
There's a lot of people who have branches
First of all, officetels are not classified as houses.
it is relatively difficult to regulate the real estate of the government
for reasons not included in real estate regulations
It's good to buy and the preference has risen significantly more than before.
Therefore, there is no division according to region
Is it because multi-homeowners can buy without restriction?
I'm gonna leave you with your life-stable fund or your business fund
And the agreement prohibiting buying a house
that it doesn't apply to the people.

When you buy a house, more than one house will be recovered
I think it's good that you don't have to move in and you don't have to dispose of it.
So we don't even look at it 폰테크 for reasons other than housing

I can afford an officetel mortgage on a good condition
If you need more money than you do now, you'll be able to
It has the advantage of being able to use it at a low price.
But we need to consider the applicant's income evidence
There are some products that do not include combined income
You're gonna have to think about it.

If you buy it because of officetel characteristics these days
The use depends on the value of the use
More and more people are gaping in the way of finance
Some people will rent rent by switching to rent rent
It's characterized by the fact that non-residential places can be rented for office,

Those who run the office themselves will be fine
If the amount is insufficient these days, the amount of officetel mortgage loan is the maximum
Because it comes out at more than 70% of the sale price,

It shows a lot of preference for investment.
I will introduce you to this information later.
It's not that important.

I am not married and I am not married
I told you I wouldn't. In the past,
I've lived in a large family, but now
I'm not sure that there are many people who live alone
It seems that the number of inquiries about officetel mortgages has actually increased.

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