Of course, it should be a title with keywords that are higher exposure.
Seo Yudang is trying to study blog late these days.I've been a blogger for six years.I don't know anything about blogs, even though the blog algorithm somehow changes its logic.​Then why all of a sudden? For what?Now and Pablo (=Power Blogger)InaEven if it's a 10,000-day blogger,You want to be...?No, it's not.And it's not easy for […]

Seo Yudang is trying to study blog late these days.

I've been a blogger for six years.

I don't know anything about blogs, even though the blog algorithm somehow changes its logic.

Then why all of a sudden? For what?

Now and Pablo (=Power Blogger)Ina

Even if it's a 10,000-day blogger,

You want to be...?

No, it's not.

And it's not easy for anyone to become a Pablo or a Manble.

How dare I...

I don't know what you mean.

Rather than having a plan, I just want to make it more fun.

When I looked it up, there were a lot of YouTube videos related to blogs. I plan to organize what I saw and heard on YouTube and learn by applying it.

Today, I'm going to talk about how to expose your blog to the top.

I've been taking a look at something. Blogs are search-based content.

The number of views goes up only when someone searches my blog post.

What if it doesn't work?

So what if no one reads it?

It's not fun to write.

(Of course, it doesn't matter if you're just writing a diary on your own. Do you have to keep a diary on your blog?

If then,

I'm going to summarize what I'm going to do to make it so-called searchable articles.

Someone on my blog.



If you've searched it in,

First of all, you have to stay for a long time before you leave.

If I run a clothing store,

If a customer comes in and just steps in and leaves the store because there's nothing much to see, it'll ruin the store.


If you visit my blog and don't have useful information, you'll just turn around, right?

The length of the text needs to be secured to some extent to keep it long, but if you look at the number of letters, it needs to be about 2,000 characters.

If it's 2,000 pages, it's about an 구글상위노출 A4 page.

I don't think there's a problem with reading or writing-based content.

What about people who have a hard time writing like me?

There's no other way than to keep trying to read and write every day.

In addition, the usefulness of information is also important.

If it contains the information that the subscribers or visitors want, they'll be able to read it carefully.

Then you'll have a natural stay.

Not only that.

You can gain the trust of visitors. It's a well-informed blog full of information, and there's a useful article in the field of interest that you'll be adding neighbors or visiting frequently.

The title is everything in search!?

Make a good title!

The content of the text is also about,

The title is very important.

Same here, but children find it very difficult to make a title for their diaries and writing.

However, unlike other articles, the title of the blog is so important that it is all about search inflow. Because, when you search for a keyword, you'll be the first to read the title.

Not only should it be a title with keywords that are exposed to the top, but it should also be a title that evokes curiosity to read the text, so it is very important to title it.

The title must include keywords related to the writing, but you must write specifically.

In the case of everyday writing, they try to write a title that is very sentimental or feels like an essay.

For example

"on the road of winter,

Let's say you wrote the same title as.

Who would search with these keywords?

Even if you're exposed to the word "winter," not many people will read the title.

Of course, if you're a real neighbor, you're not.

One more!

Don't use fishing titles that have nothing to do with the text!

It should be closely related to the content of the text, and the keyword should be included in the text.

It's a vague idea.

If I summarize what I heard like this, it feels more clear. I'll have to study more and carry out it in my spare time to time.

If there's no performance, it's a masterpiece. Let's have our neighbors do it together.

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