Lease Or what you’re gonna do when you’re gonna buy a rental. Would it be good?
You've been shipped...Those of you who have seen Kim's writings and videos know enough...The new members don't know this...​I was talking on the phone with Kakaotalk..."Do you recognize BMW/Audi and have that much money?"I can't ask... Hmm...​When you text me...Close your eyes, put your hands on your chest..."Am I qualified to win this model of […]

You've been shipped...

Those of you who have seen Kim's writings and videos know enough...

The new members don't know this...

I was talking on the phone with Kakaotalk...

"Do you recognize BMW/Audi and have that much money?"

I can't ask... Hmm...

When you text me...

Close your eyes, put your hands on your chest...

"Am I qualified to win this model of this brand?"

It's... it's enough. I'll think about it.

If you judged, "Yes, I deserve it!"...

Director Kim, please say, "Okay!" for the least you can do...

No one can buy an imported car using Gammutulish, Inc.

Dignity and dignity... And it's something that only relaxed members who can always laugh use.

He's our own league leader!!!

So... when I open my wallet... Those of you who don't...

Please leave and look somewhere else...

I won't bow my head to earn 80,000 won.

I'm trying to take care of it till the end.

Don Don Don Don... with the members...

I refuse to communicate!!!


Anyone get a BMW?

Anyone get an Audi?

Well, that's possible.

But you can't put a Gemutlich sticker on 88카 anyone!!

These days, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton...

Who wears it?

Private business people buy cars.

There are three main ways to do it.

I'll buy a new car through installment plan.

How do I buy through lease or rent?

Of these, you can buy a lease and rent.

I'd like to ask the business people to do the tax.

It has the advantage of being able to stand, and for the average individual,

Choose because it is good for cost

There are a lot of people saying. I'm gonna rent and lease.

Find out a lot about it through multiple channels.

I told you about the difference.

Things you must know when you buy them.

Let me get this straight. First of all, in the advantages of Lees,

I'll tell you about it and compare it with the rent.

I'll give it to you.

First of all, in case of leases, the initial cost is...

That's a lot of savings. Typically, employment registration

No rent or car tax will be incurred. step

The registration tax for all vehicles, including the cost of options,

You have to pay 7% of the final price. tea price

If I say 40 million won, I'll get 2.8 million won.

There's a registration tax. car tax too

I have to pay every year, but on a 2,000cc basis,

About 520,000 won, 3,000cc is about 790,000 won.

There will be a cost. But this cost.

You don't have to put out anything else.

Rental also benefits both and adds

Enemy, you don't have to pay auto insurance.

You can pay for your car insurance if you have a history of accidents.

It depends on your age, generally.

It costs between 600,000 won and 1.2 million won. Tea

When you say five to ten years,

It's true that we can save a lot of money.

Lease 2nd advantage is cost for operators

The effect of tax saving on treatment. maximum per year

You can handle up to 15 million won.

The rent is 8 million won a year, parking and repair costs.

The annual maintenance cost of gas, tolls, etc. is 7 million.

It's possible up to circle. If the lease fee is 800

If it's over 10,000 won, we can carry it over to the next year.

And continue until it's cost-effective.

I can carry it forward. This part is long-term rental.

The same is true.

Lease's third advantage is no more than a regular car

It doesn't matter. so

It's good for dignity. a large number of imported car leases

That's why they choose. Of course income.

In the case of cars, rentals are more expensive

I choose to rent because it's good.

My propensity is to rent a license plate. Huh, ha, and Hora.

For those who don't want to be recognized as cars,

If so, simply select a lease.

So what are the disadvantages of lees?

Lease will have a basic mileage of 20,000 km.

If you get attached and get over this street, you'll get a second chance.

will incur the cost of by comparison with Len

There is no limit to the distance that opens.

That's an advantage. So you've got a lot of mileage.

For you, rentals are cost-effective.

It can be a better choice.

The second drawback is the lease on the middle termination.

It's K. It's a placebo when you terminate a contract.

There's a crack going on, and the price of the car itself is...

It's so expensive that the penalty is not easy.

De-yo. Actually, this is the part of a long-term rental or lease.

It's all the same. So Risna Wren.

all monthly expenses incurred in signing a contract

Calculate the dragon well and make the amount affordable.

It's important to judge whether you're good or not. If

Choi loses money when he has to cancel.

If you choose succession to digest,

I can. I'm looking for someone to take over my contract.

These days, the number of lease rentals has increased.

There's a lot of yoga, so it's important to find someone to succeed

There are parts that are easier than before.

Lease's third drawback is the loan limit.

affecting and somewhat affecting creditworthiness.

It's possible. If we proceed with the lease,

a total loan recognized as having made a loan.

The limit is reduced and naturally no credit.

I can give you a scent. This is an existing credit.

It doesn't matter who's been okay, God.

For those of you who are not doing well, we're going to be able to

to some extent affect the loans available to

You'd better check if you can give it to me. Len

In case of ' 트', it is not accepted as a loan.

having no effect on the shipping limit or creditworthiness.

Here we go.

The additional advantages of rental are the light of domestic cars.

At the time of shipment, the duty-free storehouse, like in a taxi,

The price of tea is 10% cheaper, and lpg

The vehicle has a wider range than the lease.

I can pick up the part. in the case of imported cars

There is no difference in lease rentals. If so, Reese.

Or what you're gonna do when you're gonna buy a rental.

Would that be good? Based on my experience, I'm going to put it down

Please refer to the dragon.

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