It was a 88카 comfortable car.
at a distance of 24,000 kilometers​It's almost like a new car.​We still have a long tire change cycle.​If we just replace the engine oil, we'll have to pay for the supplies.​It was a comfortable car.​Most of all, the room was so clean.^^​Like I said in the recent review of the avant-ad,​The vehicle is.​The indoor conditions […]

at a distance of 24,000 kilometers

It's almost like a new car.

We still have a long tire change cycle.

If we just replace the engine oil, we'll have to pay for the supplies.

It was a comfortable car.

Most of all, the room was so clean.^^

Like I said in the recent review of the avant-ad,

The vehicle is.

The indoor conditions are determined in proportion to the mileage.

It's a lot oftentimes.

It's less likely to be clean.

It's going to be high, right?^

It was equipped with 88카 genuine navigation.

Silence is also good.

Drive after shipping directly.

He was quite satisfied.^^

If you are planning to purchase a car between 10 million won and 15 million won,

Whether I'll buy a light car or a subcompact suv

Imported cars. You can only contact used car models like this.

Driving distance to price and accident status

I'm really worried about buying an imported car. First of all, even if you want to buy an imported car that is past the warranty period, you may hesitate to buy it because of the repair costs that will occur later. Considering the cost of repairs that are more expensive than domestic cars, I wonder if it is right to buy them. I think there are a lot of people who can't go by imported cars because of this.

And check the rental history and the model year.

I recommend you to compare.

It's generally better than modern Kia vehicles.

Samsung Ssangyong Motor's vehicles have good cost-effectiveness.

I think.

For those who want to buy imported cars but are worried about maintenance and repair costs, I recommend that you sign up for the guarantee of imported cars. It costs 3,000 won a day, and it guarantees engines and missions for 20,000 kilometers a year. It features unlimited repairs regardless of the number of times within the maximum limit of 12 million won.

So if you prefer short-distance vehicles,

You're buying a lot.^^

Encar Guarantee operates in two types, Light and Premium, and costs vary depending on the warranty period and mileage (note that it is guaranteed for 6 months, 10,000 km per year, 20,000 km per year), and it seems relatively reasonable because it is priced differently for small cars and large cars.

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