Even if he apologizes, it won’t work out.
Where do you like him?It's fun to be with you.I don't feel bad about being mean.You're so cute.He plays the guitar well, sings well, and cooks well.Grow plants well. I don't use perfume, but it smells good.The conversation is good, so it's unpleasant.Unexpectedly caring and diligent as expected.Eat well, brush your teeth well, and wash […]

Where do you like him?
It's fun to be with you.
I don't feel bad about being mean.
You're so cute.
He plays the guitar well, sings well, and cooks well.
Grow plants well. I don't use perfume, but it smells good.
The conversation is good, so it's unpleasant.
Unexpectedly caring and diligent as expected.
Eat well, brush your teeth well, and wash your hands well when you go to the bathroom.
Make sure you ask me if I'm going to eat dumplings when I eat cold noodles.
Eat all the cold noodles with the soup.
If I can't finish it, please eat mine too.
I'm worried if you can't see it.
It's a strange charm that makes you worry about whether you're eating.

Why are there so many? My pride is hurt.

Director, what is love?
Well, I don't think there's any common definition.
In my case… Oh, that person's heart is full of him.
My heart is about to explode. Something like that?
Some people actually burst and died.
Let's die.
Because it exploded?
Yes, it exploded.
I'll try.

I like the restaurant scene in Hwandong and Jinju.
The anticipation of the time to come.
I have overcome my regret for the past.
And after the pearl left,
It's not like the exchange rate is zooming out with your head down.
a frank monologue of exchange
His reaction to this food for the first time is very pleasant.

Even though it tastes serious, I can't help but get a bit of humor in it.
I love this kind of style. It's so good.

What is losing someone you love?
Even though I miss him constantly,
I hate to die and I made it through the day.
My heart is one.
You miss him in there and you kill me.

I went to the hospital.
I miss you.
Lee Eun-jung, who is more trustworthy.
I don't doubt you'll cheer up without me.
Because you are the one I love and love.
I trust you. I trust you.
Well, I believe it, but I don't believe it.
Please protect you for me.

I will. I'll do it. I'll make it. I love you.

Even if he apologizes, it won't work out.
I did things I couldn't understand.
How can you relax when you still don't understand?
I hate them all. I can't help but hate it.
Be brave when you do that. courage not to hate
It's not something else, it needs courage.
Try it.
Love is more precious than hate.

We talk deliciously today, eat deliciously, and love each other deliciously.
You'll have to eat at night.
Healthy ramen won't come out.
Well, whatever it is, there's plenty of time to make up for it.
Feeling happy now,
praising us now for realizing that we can make it up
First of all, it's delicious. It's okay, isn't it?

The beginning is to run towards the end.
We call it completion, not the end.
I will not put that meaning on success or failure.
The meaning of the beginning is to be ranked in the torrent.
Let's enjoy the excitement of the moment.
Of course, big and small reefs don't welcome you.
I'm sure they'll hand it to you.

Beomsoo, let's always be healthy and have fun.
And grow cherry tomatoes again.
Seaweed soup is also good for your health, so let's try it often.
Thanks to you, I added a lot of green onions when I cooked tteokbokki.
I met a friend named you, knew you, and understood you.
I feel so good.
Thank you so much and I think I will miss you a lot.
I'll support you from the bottom of my heart.
Take care!

Hi Jaehoon.
For five months, short, long, long, long.
I'm already attached to you.
I understand you more and more, which was hard to understand at first.
I could learn a lot of emotions.
I hope you and I will be more mature.
I'll keep cheering for you.
Thank you so much and I love you.

Jinju, you have a lot to learn from.
You are so wonderful and lovely!
Thanks to you, 토렌트하자 I had a good time.
I was happy and grateful.

Eunjung ah
I've met a character named you, and I've been looking at the world you
I was happy to feel and get to know each other.
And the good people around you.
Everything was like a gift to me.
For a new documentary.
Just like you who took another powerful beginning.
I'll be brave, too.
Always in your heart, Melo with you has a constitution.
I'll remember all of them. I love you!

It's my week.
Han Ji-eun, who lived as Hwang Han-ju,
I think I was able to grow more.
It's a stronger and more lovely week than anyone else.
I'm sending you now, but I'll take you out of my life often.
I was happy to be with you!
Let's continue to be happy!
Thank you. I love you.

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