If you look at the coin contents, I think it’s not a bad coin.
Today, we're going to check upbeat's BitTorrento.Along with Pundi X, it is gaining popularity as a low-cost coin.Most of all, the amount of distribution in the market, funds that have been withdrawn from the stock market, and investment that do not ask are also coin-fever.As a result, they often invest unconditionally because they do not […]

Today, we're going to check upbeat's BitTorrento.
Along with Pundi X, it is gaining popularity as a low-cost coin.
Most of all, the amount of distribution in the market, funds that have been withdrawn from the stock market, and investment that do not ask are also coin-fever.
As a result, they often invest unconditionally because they do not know the dust and are low-priced.
However, the coin is currently around 4 won, but it was a coin that fluctuated between 0.3 won and 0.4 won only a few months ago.
In other words, it has increased 10 times.
Let's find out what kind of coin BitTorrento is and invest.
BitTorrent Coin. I'm probably a little used to the name.
You'll think about it. It's the torrent program we used before.
The old torrent was an innovative file sharing program, but after downloading the file, it kept the seed alive.
There was no incentive to share file sharing benefits with others.
BitTorrent coin stocks are so used to issue BTT tokens through Tron Network as well as program integration.
They wanted to provide motivation for seamless seed retention, and users needed to maintain a high-spare seed.
It's a system where you get a bigger reward.
BitTorrento is the best way to do it.

BitTorrent created Bram Cohen, an American genius software developer. Torrent technology was first demonstrated in the summer of 2001, and has since been operated by BitTorrent, a company founded by Bram Cohen. Although there is a company called BitTorrent, it is not a technology that has restrictions on use. BitTorrent technology is available as an open source. This is why various BitTorrent clients such as "토Torrent uTorrent UTorrent", which is widely used in Korea, have been developed.

BitTorrent technology is different from traditional P2P, which shares the entire file. This means that it is not a technology that sends and receives entire 2GB video data. It works by dividing files into numerous pieces through the computers of BitTorrent users worldwide who have the same data. 토렌트 BitTorrent technology is distinct from existing P2P services.
To use BitTorrent, installation-type BitTorrent clients that can implement BitTorrent behavior should be used. In Korea, an application called "Mutorent" is used a lot. The BitTorrent application also has many users worldwide.
The first step in using BitTorrent services is to run the torrent file containing the information in the data on the BitTorrent client. This file is called a seed file. In general, the capacity is small enough to be only tens of kilobytes (KB). The file extension is '.torrent'. As you can see from the capacity, the seed file is not a 2GB video that you want to share finally. It only tells you how to get to the data.
The seed file contains meta information of the file you want to share. The name or size of the data is also information contained in the seed file.
BitTorrent is fantastic for this. It's really great. It's a 'super-fast' speed that can mitigate many of the scaling challenges that used to take a long time to boot and run code on a web server.

China's cryptocurrency Tron acquired BitTorrent for 120 million dollars in June 2018.
BitTorrent, an interpersonal P2P file sharing company, has 100 million active users and 1 billion regular users in 138 countries around the world.
It has the largest number of users in the P2P market.
P2P technology originated from the fact that users and users exchange data with each other. The word 'peer' does not simply mean 'user'. In order for a connection, such as connection or transmission, to be made on the Internet, roles must be divided into servers and clients, and P2P services can be servers and clients.

If I connect to another user's computer to receive data that I don't have, it becomes a client, and when someone takes the data I have, it acts as a server. This is why the English word "peer," which means "equal relationship," became the name of technology.
Many P2P services, including Napster and Soribada Donkeys, were born and disappeared. What is the most popular P2P service in the world now, after the era of paid Web hard services? It's called BitTorrent.

Tron's acquisition of BitTorrent is part of its strategy to expand the Tron ecosystem.
When combined, it can create the world's largest P2P network.
This combination will provide new possibilities for payment calculations and global payments of online content.
Tenz creators can reach hundreds of millions of global users through distributed networks without intermediaries.
This change will greatly affect various industries.

BitTorrent is a kind of creative decentralized communication agreement invented by Bram Cohen in 2001.
BTT is a TRC-10 token issued by Tron. It was released by BitTorrent, a subsidiary of Tron, and the goal is to increase the speed of Internet shared file downloads and the lifespan of employees through coins in an incentive manner.
In the future, BTT use will be expanded to buy live BJ compensation new content crowdfunding.
BTT is obtained and used by content creators themselves without intermediaries.
If BitTorrent's P2P Internet network and Tron blockchain are combined, it will be commercialized to more than 100 million users.

UPbit (Korea's largest cryptocurrency exchange) opened on January 31, 2019 (Seoul time). Start BTT/KRW trading and start BTT trading competition
Opened at Sistemkoin on February 10, 2019 (Singapore time)
Open BTT/BTC BTT/BCH transaction opening at CoinEx on February 15, 2019 (Singapore time)
Binance sold 59.2 billion copies in just 15 minutes. System failure due to heavy orders.10 won cryptocurrency entered 8th place in total market capitalization
World basketball star Kobe Bryant as speaker at the NiTRON blockchain conference in San Francisco

If you look at the coin contents, I think it's not a bad coin.
However, if the investment is made without asking just because it is low price, it will be a disaster.
Will coin use be expanded in the future?
Is the ecosystem well organized?
It seems that a lot of study is needed.

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