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When the Corona will be over...I've been hit by the corona.I'm half-empty.I don't think I'm getting paid as much as I normally do.on a small incomeI found a part-time job that I could do at home.You know, people who don't work these days,I don't think so.I don't need anything else.Find a job that only needs […]

When the Corona will be over...

I've been hit by the corona.

I'm half-empty.

I don't think I'm getting paid as much as I normally do.

on a small income

I found a part-time job that I could do at home.

You know, people who don't work these days,

I don't think so.

I don't need anything else.

Find a job that only needs to be typed.

I'm working comfortably.

I don't have time.

It's not a 꿀알바 big deal.

I'm still.

I'm just gonna do a little bit by bit.

I can make money every month.

I think it's a good thing I started work!

About the part-time job you can do at home.

Those of you who recognized me,

I'm sure you have a lot.

I'm no better than that.

I've seen it in many places.

There's a whole lot of things going on.

If the work was difficult or difficult,

after a while

I would have quit in a minute.

Some companies have a history of course.

He's dealing with people in personally.

It's a phone call and business. It's a business.

That kind of thing doesn't fit me.

I thought it was hard for beginners to work.

What I'm doing right now is...

I can do it comfortably at home.

It was okay.

by manuscript

You can write similarly.

It's about writing,

It's not something I'm creating.

What's already there?

That's why I just need to fill it out.

I'm not having a hard time working.

Or a notebook that you're comfortable with.

Type in the Korean file

It's a very simple task.

It's not that difficult to write on.

I've never written before.

It was easy to use.

in a very similar way

Because I'm writing.

I can get used to it quickly.

So I sit in front of my computer every day.

He's typing.

With a computer,

You just have to write at any time.

It was so comfortable.

a part-time job at home

I think it's a good choice.

I'm writing a piece.

It only takes about 30 minutes.

Because it's less than an hour away.

It won't take long.

Most importantly, when do I have to write?

It wasn't decided.

I'm always free to work.

I don't go outside these days.

I've been at home a lot of time.

I'm writing more and more.

It's a little annoying sometimes.

But I'm the only one who works consistently.

That's how much profit is guaranteed.

I'm working more comfortably

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