Let’s go get a 건마 massage on Jeju Island
A few days ago, I was hanging out with my friends.I went there, and as soon as I arrived, I went to a tourist attraction or restaurant.I didn't go, I got a massage on Jeju Island.I stopped by the shop for my sake.​The concept of this vacation was healing, so for now,You said you had […]

A few days ago, I was hanging out with my friends.

I went there, and as soon as I arrived, I went to a tourist attraction or restaurant.

I didn't go, I got a massage on Jeju Island.

I stopped by the shop for my sake.

The concept of this vacation was healing, so for now,

You said you had to relieve your fatigue.

I'm visiting Jeju Thailand Traditional Thai.

so easily recognizable from afar

You hung a big sign.

So I was able to find it without difficulty.

I went inside in that state, and it was on the wall.

looking different and atmospheric in the interior.

slightly relieved by the light

I felt like it.

And make sure it's neither too bright nor too dark.

Being decorated makes you feel relaxed.

I liked it because I felt the same way.

If you go through that space and you go inside,

There is also a space that looks like a small pond.

It's the same, it's the plants that live in nature.

I was able to get a little bit.

Every prop in the waiting room

It looked different, too. commonly used

There were small bottles that I didn't think I would.

It's very cute. I can't help but look at it's very cute.

And one wall was filling up.

I was amazed by the unique props.

I can feel that it's not ours.

I did, but there's a luxury.

It was pretty good to see because it was smeared.

It looks like it's a storage closet, but it looks very, very...

It's cool, it's colorful.

It was fun to watch.

prepared for visiting customers

There was hand sanitizer. Have fun on a daily basis

It's a writing system, so I can't just use it.

I liked it just by the fact that I liked it.

Small bottles next to hand sanitizer.

There was. Maggie's perfect.

It looked like a leaf in my head.

It felt like a complete blockade.

There were many other cute props.

So before I get a massage on Jeju Island, I'm going to go everywhere.

I've been looking around, and it's fun to watch.

It had to be, and because of these things,

museum-like, etc.

I could feel it.

And there were scented ones, and this one...

I thought it was on sale. at the mere sight of it

It was full of things that I wanted.

On the wall where the objects were placed,

You get caught in the face of a man.

There was, and there was a scent.

While we were looking around, the staff's appointment time was...

He told us it was 건마 done.

So along that road, we'll start with the fitting room.

I'm going to go.

The doors I saw on the way looked different.

It's like a new world is about to unfold.

I could feel something unusual.

Women and men will be allowed to use it separately.

There was. The entrances are different, so I don't know.

Without any doubt, I went inside.

available by default

cotton cloth, cotton, comb, hair tie, toothpaste, disposable

There was a toothbrush set up.

So after receiving the Jeju Island massage,

I thought I could use it.

Locker's private, password-based.

It's locked up, so we're talking about the loss.

It had the advantage of being able to reduce anxiety.

I could dial the password.

I'm gonna use a locker that says one.

It's clear. It's clear inside.

There's no offensive smell or anything like that.

I used it comfortably.

And you can use it after you wash it.

I took a look at the towel because it was hung.

I didn't feel any use.

used by many people

I can't feel it, so I feel less uncomfortable.

I could have done it.

After changing clothes, I came out of the staff's office.

I was guided to a massage on Jeju Island.

I moved to get it.

There's a lot of people there.

They're watching us from the wall.

They welcomed me while I was there.

That's why the interior is so unique.

I felt it once.

soft under the wall

You can sit in a chair and get foot care.

There was. Let's go get a seat.

Sit down and make the cushion as comfortable as possible.

It feels hard in the back.

I didn't let him.

And then I'd like to give you an explanation.

How can I take care of my feet while listening?

I found out if there is.

I don't know what's in the water and the color is pretty.

I don't know what you don't know while you're being treated.

To explain in detail so that there is no one.

I didn't have anything to worry about.

Unexplained, non-transparent red water.

If you put your foot in it, there could be anxiety.

But to make sure there's no such thing as a massage on Jeju Island.

Before we begin, we'll explain it step by step.

They did.

So I was able to take care of my feet comfortably.

From that point on, I'm gonna have to take care of my staff.

I was relieved to have trusted you.

I'm so relieved that I don't even know when I go to the room

I lay down on the bed without hesitation.

Then there was no roughness, no softness.

And the feeling that I feel as it feels like it.

It was very cozy once.

In that cozy atmosphere, I'm going to massage Jeju Island.

I could heal while receiving it.

So as soon as I got off the plane, I came here.

I was satisfied that I was so glad I came.

The day I went home on my checkout.

I got it twice because I made a reservation.

You were always so nice to me back then.

I want to stop by again next time

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